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Dan Spătaru (Romanian pronunciation: [dan spəˈtaru]; October 2, 1939 in Aliman, Constanţa County – September 8, 2004 in Bucharest) was a Romanian singer, most famous for his song "Drumurile".


Before singing, he started playing as a footballer, though he was unable to follow this career due to a herniated disc.

He started his singing career in 1966, at the "Mamaia" Festival. In 1969, he wrote his first hit "Trecea fanfara militară" (The Military Band Was Passing By). Subsequently he became famous in Romania with other songs such as: "De vrei să știi ce înseamnă", "Dragu mi-i de țara mea", "Drum bun", "Drumurile", "În rândul patru", "Măicuță, îți mulțumesc", "Nimic nu e prea mult", "Nu vreau să plângi", "Prietene", "Să cântăm, chitara mea", "Spune-mi, mama ce mai face", "Spune-mi unde, spune-mi cine", "Țărăncuță, țărăncuță", "Te-am iubit, Mario", "Te-așteaptă un om".[1] He released albums under the Electrecord label.[2]

He is the record-holder of the longest crowd applause of 16 minutes and 19 seconds. This happened in Varadero (Cuba) in 1967, at an international festival.[3]

He died of a heart attack and was subsequently buried at Bellu cemetery in Bucharest.

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