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Daniel A. Greenberg (born c. 1934), one of the founders of the Sudbury Valley School, has published several books on the Sudbury model of school organization,[1] and has been described by Sudbury Valley School trustee Peter Gray as the "principal philosopher" among its founders.[2] He is a former physics professor at Columbia University, and is described by Lois Holzman as the school's "chief 'philosophical writer'".[3]


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  • 1973, Announcing a New School: A Personal Account of the Beginnings of the Sudbury Valley School, ISBN 1-888947-11-X
  • 1974, Outline of a New Philosophy, ISBN 1-888947-17-9
  • 1987, Child Rearing, ISBN 1-888947-06-3
  • 1988, Early lessons : some recollections of my youth and what it taught me, ISBN 1-888947-09-8
  • 1991, Free at Last: The Sudbury Valley School, ISBN 1-888947-00-4
  • 1992, The Sudbury Valley School Experience with Hanna Greenberg, Michael Greenberg, Laura Ransom, Mimsy Sadofsky and Alan White, ISBN 1-888947-01-2
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  • 1995, Sudbury Valley School Handbook, ISBN 1-888947-14-4
  • 1998, Starting a Sudbury School: A Summary of the Experiences of Fifteen Start-Up Groups with Mimsy Sadofsky, ISBN 1-888947-19-5
  • 1999, Reflections on the Sudbury School Concept with Mimsy Sadofsky, ISBN 1-888947-20-9
  • 2000, A Clearer View: New Insights into the Sudbury School Model, ISBN 1-888947-22-5
  • 2004, The Pursuit of Happiness: The Lives of Sudbury Valley Alumni with Mimsy Sadofsky and Jason Lempka, ISBN 1-888947-25-X
  • 2008, Turning Learning Right Side Up: Putting Education Back on Track with Russell L. Ackoff, ISBN 0-13-234649-4.
  • 2016, A Place to Grow: The Culture of Sudbury Valley School, ISBN 1-888947-26-8.
  • 1994, "Democratic to the Core: Life in Sudbury Valley School", in The Handbook of Alternative Education.[4]
  • 1991, Learning without coercion: Sudbury Valley School in Mothering, 58, pp. 102–105.
  • 1985-1992, regular column in the Middlesex News on education in America.[5]


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