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Portrait of Daniel Sharp, 19th century

Daniel Sharp, D.D. (1783 - June 25, 1853) was pastor of the Charles Street Baptist Church, Boston, Massachusetts, for more than forty years (1812-c. 1853) and one of the founders of the Newton Theological Institution.[1] He was born 25 Dec. 1783 in Yorkshire, England and came to NY as a merchant at age 19, then studied in Philadelphia under Rev. Dr. STAUGHTON, and from there went to Newark, NJ. He was pastor of Charles Street Baptist Church in Boston from 1812-1853, having previously been invited to preach there in 1809 and 1811. He died 23 June 1853, 7 PM, in the village of Stoneley outside Baltimore, at the home of his friend Robert P. Brown, Esq. Notice taken from the Boston Journal, 24 June 1853, and published in the New York Times on 27 June 1853.[2]


Sharp's grave in Mount Auburn Cemetery[3]
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