List of Danish films of the 1910s

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The following table is a list of films produced in Denmark or in the Danish language in the 1910s. For an alphabetical list of all Danish films currently on Wikipedia see Category:Danish films. For Danish films from other decades see the Cinema of Denmark box above.

Danish Title English Title Director(s) Cast Genre Notes
Dorian Grays Portræt The Picture of Dorian Gray Henrik Malberg Drama
Mormonens Offer A Victim of the Mormons August Blom Clara Pontoppidan, Valdemar Psilander Melodrama first anti-Mormon propaganda film
Atlantis Atlantis August Blom Olaf Fønss, Ida Orloff, Ebba Thomsen,
Carl Lauritzen, Frederik Jacobsen,
Charles Unthan, Torben Meyer
Romance Drama First full length Danish film. The script was entirely based on the 1912 novel by Gerhart Hauptmann, published one month before the Titanic disaster. Nevertheless, the film was banned in Norway, being deemed improper to turn a tragedy into entertainment.
En Gartnerdreng søges
Lille Claus og Store Claus Henrik Malberg
Stærkere end Dynamit
Ned med Vaabnene
Verdens Undergang The End of the World August Blom Olaf Fønss, Ebba Thomsen Science Fiction

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