Danongdafu Forest Park

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Danongdafu Forest Park
Exterior view of the entrance to Danong Dafu Plains Forest Park.jpg
LocationGuangfu, Hualien County, Taiwan
Coordinates23°36′53.5″N 121°25′03.8″E / 23.614861°N 121.417722°E / 23.614861; 121.417722Coordinates: 23°36′53.5″N 121°25′03.8″E / 23.614861°N 121.417722°E / 23.614861; 121.417722
Area12.5 km2

The Danongdafu Forest Park (Chinese: 大農大富平地森林園區; pinyin: Dànóngdàfù Píngdì Sēnlín Yuánqū) is a forest in Guangfu Township, Hualien County, Taiwan.


In 2002, the Forestry Bureau started to re-purpose agricultural land in the area to become forests. Trees were planted and the area became a recreational park in 2010.


The forest is a flatland forest type and is located along the Huadong Valley. It spans over an area of 12.5 km2.[1]


The forest consists of over a million trees with almost 20 different types commonly found at low altitude.[1]


The forest consists of various outdoor sculptures and statues depicting the culture of Taiwanese indigenous peoples.


The forest is the venue for the Hualien Hot Air Balloon Festival.[2]


The forest is accessible northeast of Dafu Station of Taiwan Railways.[2]

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