Dark Side of the Chant

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The Dark Side of the Chant
Studio album by Gregorian
Released 2010 (2010)
Genre Gregorian chant, alternative rock, symphonic rock
Gregorian chronology
Masters of Chant Chapter VII
(2009)Masters of Chant Chapter VII2009
The Dark Side of the Chant
Masters of Chant Chapter VIII
(2011)Masters of Chant Chapter VIII2011

The Dark Side of the Chant is Gregorian's 13th album, released in 2010. It features songs which are originally made by artists varying from AC/DC and the Dutch band Within Temptation to their own work.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "O Fortuna" (Carl Orff)
  2. "Stripped" (Depeche Mode)
  3. "All I Need" (Within Temptation)
  4. "Hell's Bells" (AC/DC)
  5. "Born to Feel Alive" (Unheilig)
  6. "Morning Dew" (Nazareth)
  7. "My Heart Is Burning" Gregorian original
  8. "Bring Me to Life" (Evanescence)
  9. "Dark Side" Gregorian original
  10. "Frozen" (Madonna)
  11. "Black Wings" Gregorian original
  12. "Lucifer" (The Alan Parsons Project)
  13. "Dark Angel" Gregorian original