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Data publishing/Data publication is the act of releasing data for (re)use by others. It is a practice consisting in preparing certain data or data set(s) for public use thus to make them available to everyone to use as they wish. This practice is an integral part of the open science movement. There is a large and multidisciplinary consensus on the benefits resulting from this practice.[1] [2] [3]

The main goal is to elevate data to be first class research outputs.[4] There are a number of initiatives underway as well as points of consensus and issues still in contention.[5]

However, publishers supported data publishing/publication either as an integral part of the paper or as supplemental material published jointly with the paper. These approaches are affected from a number of drawbacks from the data publication perspective including the difficulties in separating the data from the rest.

Data publishing/publication is a practice on its own:

  • A number of data journals have been developed to support data publication.
  • A number of repositories have been developed to support data publication, e.g. figshare, Dryad.

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