Date and time notation in Belgium

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According to the BIN standard (NBN Z 01-002), there are 3 ways to write a date in Belgium:[1]

  • yyyy-mm-dd ddd. ("2000-09-09 Sat./za./sam./Sa.") is the ISO.[2]
  • ddd. ("Sat./za./sam./Sa. 09.09.00") [4]
  • ddd. d mmm. yyyy ("Sat. 9 Sep. 2000" in Belgian English, "za. 9 sep. 2000" in Belgian Dutch, "sam. 9 sep. 2000" in Belgian French or "Sa. 9 sep. 2000" in East Cantonian German).

All Belgian weeks begins on a Mon. at 00:00:00. In written language, time is expressed exclusively in 24-hour using a colon to separate h. and min. when writing "00:09" in Belgian English, writing "0h09" in Belgian French, writing "0u09" in Belgian Dutch, writing "0U09" in East Cantonian German. In formal language, people to use the 24-hour.


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