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Daughter Darling are an American trip hop collective, comprising vocalist Natalie Walker and producers Travis and Stephen Fogelman.


Philadelphia-based brothers Travis and Steven Fogelman had been producing with hip hop artists for over a decade prior to forming Daughter Darling; Stephen had been spinning hip hop since he was 13, while his younger brother Travis began experimenting with sampling and drum and bass production since 1994. Noticing the negative direction they saw hip hop heading, they turned towards the trip hop genre for their inspiration.

In a search for a lead singer, the duo held auditions; these failed to produce any results, and an advertisement was put up on a web page. Indianapolis-born Natalie Walker, whose acoustic roots were founded in folk and funk singing, immediately downloaded the backing for "Sad and Lonely", and recorded the vocals the next day. She left college a year later, and joined the group. Natalie has since gone solo with her solo debut being Urban Angel.


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