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Dive Index is a collaborative musical project originated by New York-based electronic music composer/producer Will Thomas.


Thomas has released minimalist electronic music under the name "Plumbline" on the Hydrogen Dukebox[1] label. His recordings include Circles (2003), PinPoints (2004) the RePointed EP (2005) and Transparencies (2006), which is a collaboration with Roger Eno. All Dive Index albums so far have been released on the New York-based indie label, Neutral Music[2]


Dive Index's Mid/Air was co-written and produced by Thomas and was released in September 2007. The album features vocal contributions from Natalie Walker, Merz, Cat Martino, and Ian Masters, and the musical contributors include Kevin O'Donnell, Timothy O'Donnell, Antony and the Johnsons' members Julia Kent and Maxim Moston, CJ Camerieri, David Shaw and Roger Eno.[3]

The packaging for 'Mid/Air' was designed by Timothy O'Donnell, who is known for his work at the 4AD Records' design studio, v23. He has designed the designing sleeves for Lush, GusGus, Bauhaus, His Name Is Alive, Bush and many others. Tim also contributes guitar on Mid/Air. In September 2008, Collisions - The Mid/Air Remixes was released and contains remixes by Tunng, The Album Leaf, Jason Bentley, Beat Pharmacy, AlphaMotive, Tiny Mile and Roger Eno + Plumbline

The Surface We Divide[edit]

The Surface We Divide was released in 2010. The album is again co-written and produced by Will Thomas, features vocals by Joseph Arthur, Patrick Cooper, Mark Gardener (from Ride) and Cat Martino, and it features instrumental contribution from Kevin O'Donnell on drums and Julia Kent on cello. The cover image was designed by Jason Munn of the Small Stakes design studio and the rest of the layout was designed by Timothy O'Donnell.

The Surface We Divide has been released as download, CD and limited edition double vinyl. The double vinyl includes the bonus song "Balance". The edition has been limited to 500 copies.

Remixes and Covers[edit]

In 2009 Dive Index did a remix version of Natalie Walker's song "With You".

In 2010, Hydrogen Dukebox records release the compilation album "Sing & Play" that features Plumbline covering the Talking Heads classic "Once In a Lifetime" and Dive Index covering the Buzzcocks' "Harmony in my Head".


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