Dave Cochrane (musician)

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Dave Cochrane
Genres Industrial, noise rock
Occupation(s) Musician
Instruments Bass guitar
Years active 1986–present
Labels Blast First
Associated acts Dragline Speedway, Fire Pariah, God, Greymachine, Head of David, Ice, Sweet Tooth, Transitional

Dave Cochrane is an English bass guitarist and a founding member of the noise rock band Head of David. He has also collaborated with Justin Broadrick and Kevin Martin on several occasions.[1][2]


Dave Cochrane was the original bassist for the noise rock group Head of David, which he founded in 1986. After leaving the band in 1989, he formed Sweet Tooth with former Slab! drummer Scott Kiehl. Justin Broadrick joined them on guitar and the trio recorded one EP for Earache Records before disbanding.[2] He began collaborated with British musician Kevin Martin and recorded with God and Ice.[3]


Year Artist Album Label
1986 Head of David LP Blast First
1988 Head of David Dustbowl Blast First
1992 God Possession Virgin
1993 Ice Under the Skin Pathological
1994 God The Anatomy of Addiction Big Cat
1997 The Bug Tapping the Conversation WordSound
1998 Ice Bad Blood Morpheus
2008 Transitional Nothing Real Nothing Absent Conspiracy
2009 Transitional Stomach of the Sun Conspiracy
Greymachine Disconnected Hydra Head
2013 Dragline Speedway Black Thunder Gibbon Envy
Fire Pariah Fire Pariah Gibbon Envy
Transitional Dark Matter Communion Avalanche



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