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David Jamilly
Born 1954
London, England
Nationality British
Citizenship British
Education Highgate School London
Notable awards Evening Gazette (Teesside) Champion Ambassador Award 2010

David Jamilly is an English Social entrepreneur

Business career[edit]

David Jamilly co-founded Theme Traders with his sister Kim Einhorn. Theme Traders is a London based event management, party planning and prop hire company launched in 1989.[1]

Humanitarian Activities[edit]

Jamilly founded Pod Children's Charity[2] for children in hospital. Pod Children's Charity started in 1988 and first entertained sick children at Great Ormond Street Hospital.[3] Pod arranges over 2500 performances a year and has entertained over a million children in children's hospital wards and hospices throughout the United Kingdom.

David Jamilly appeared on the Secret Millionaire[4] in 2010 in Redcar in an extended programme, which topped two million seven hundred thousand viewers by the end of it. The programme saw David handling out £25,000 each and becoming patron to Sid's Place,[5] Zoe’s Place[6] and Redcar Amateur Boxing Association.[7] David was one of the co-founders of the Redcar Fire and Steel Festival,[8] alongside Frankie Wales, a festival which celebrated Teesside’s heritage of 150 years of steel making.

David Jamilly founded The Good Deeds Organisation[9] in 2005 which promotes global good deeds and kindness and went on to co-launch and celebrate Kindness Day UK[10] in 2010. Kindness Day UK aims to make each person in the UK carry out one act of kindness on 13 November, World Kindness Day.

Kindness UK[edit]

In 2011 David Jamilly founded Kindness UK,[11] a not-for-profit, independent organisation which aims to promote, share and unite kindness every day and make kindness a greater part of everyone's day-to-day lives.

Honorary Posts[edit]

Jamilly was appointed a Visiting Fellow of Sheffield Hallam University June 2014.[citation needed]

He sat on the Advisory Board for the International Centre for Research in Events, Tourism and Hospitailty (ICRETH) 2011 - 2013 based at Leeds Metropolitan University.[12]

Jamilly was made an Honorary Doctor of Business[13] by Southampton Solent University, awarded 22 November 2013.

Books by David Jamilly[edit]


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