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Kindness UK is a not-for-profit organisation[1] with the sole aim of promoting and sharing kindness in all its forms.[2]

The initiative is affiliated with the World Kindness Movement - a coalition of like-minded organisations containing 18 member nations.[3] Kindness UK is an independent organisation based in London and considers itself the first point of call for initiatives, unbiased information and research on the subject of kindness.[4]


In 2011[5] David Jamilly[6] founded Kindness UK with the aim of undertaking initiatives to enhance the value and profile of kindness in society. They also provide unbiased news and research on the subject of kindness via their website. Entrepreneur Jamilly previously founded the Good Deeds Organisation in 2007 and co-founded Kindness Day UK in 2010.[4]

Appearances in the media[edit]

Public and institutional interest in value systems and positive psychology as global population figures increase led to Kindness UK being referenced through many media channels including BBC Radio London, BBC WM, BBC Radio Kent, BBC Radio Newcastle, BBC Radio Stoke, BBC Somerset, ITV's Day Break, BBC Radio Manchester, and BBC Radio Tees .[7]

Kindness UK have appeared in the following publications:

Educational Initiatives[edit]

Between 2012 and 2014[12] Kindness UK designed, created and distributed free "Kindness Packs" to over 30,000 UK primary[13] and secondary schools.[14] These packs contained activities and resources for teachers to use with a view to encouraging positive values in education.


In partnership with the University of Sussex the Kindness UK Doctoral Conference was launched in 2015.[15]

The Kindness UK Doctoral Conference Award provides funding for students of the University of Sussex to attend the conference. The award is open to all academic disciplines.[16]

Public Initiatives[edit]

In 2014 on Kindness Day UK, Kindness UK distributed 10,000 chocolate bars at London underground stations as a random act of kindness,.[17]

A free iOS app called Kindness Weekly Quotes was designed and launched in 2015 which provides its users with inspirational and motivational quotations.[18]

Global initiatives[edit]

On 18–20 September 2012 Kindness UK hosted the 7th General Assembly of the World Kindness Movement at their London headquarters.[19] Delegates from Singapore (Singapore Kindness Movement),[20] China, Australia, United States,[21] UK, India, South Korea, Japan, Spain and Italy attended the conference.[22]

Kindness Day UK[edit]

Launched in 2010, Kindness Day UK[23] is celebrated every year on World Kindness Day, 13 November. Kindness Day UK encourages the public to recognize the value of kindness and perform at least one act of kindness on the day.[24]

Kindness UK is a lead UK organisation that promotes and celebrates Kindness Day UK.[25]

External campaigns[edit]

Kindness UK were asked to guest judge Nissan’s CARED4 competition[26] which was aimed to search for and reward kind people in the community.

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