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Kindness UK is a not-for-profit organisation with the sole aim of promoting and sharing kindness in all its forms.[1]


Kindness UK was founded in 2011[2] with the aim of making kindness a greater part of day-to-day life and promoting Kindness Day UK annually on 13 November.


In 2012 a Kindness Pack for primary schools was published.[3]

In 2014 a Kindness Pack for secondary schools was published.[4] Kindness UK distributed these publications free of charge to 30,000 schools nationwide and awarded select schools who have shown exemplary kindness with the Kind School of the Year Award.[5]

Kindness UK’s global partners in kindness include partners in the US, Life Vest Inside[6] and in Singapore, Singapore Kindness Movement.[7]

Kindness UK hosted the 7th General Assembly of the World Kindness Movement at their London headquarters, 18–20 September 2012.[8] Delegates from Singapore (Singapore Kindness Movement), China, Australia, USA, UK, India, South Korea, Japan, Spain and Italy attended the conference.

For Kindness Day UK, 13 November 2014, Kindness UK volunteers gave away 10,000 free chocolate bars to commuters at London stations.[9]

In 2015 Kindness UK developed and published a kindness weekly quotes app suitable for all IOS devices from Iphone 5 upwards. [10]


Kindness UK has been in the media on local and national news TV and radio shows and in newspapers and magazines including ITV Day Break,[11] BBC Radio Manchester,[12][13] SW Londoner,[14] Good News Magazine,[15][16] The Colchester Gazette,[17] BBC Newcastle,[18][19] BBC Somerset,[20] BBC Radio Stoke,[21] London's Biggest Conversation[22] and BBC WM.[23][24]

Kindness UK wrote an article for the Training Journal (TJ) [25]

Kindness Day UK[edit]

Kindness Day UK was launched in 2010.[26][27] Kindness Day UK is celebrated every 13 November on World Kindness Day and encourages people to recognize the value of kindness and perform at least one act of kindness on the day.[28]

External campaigns[edit]

Kindness UK were asked to guest judge Nissan’s CARED4 competition[29] which is aimed to search for and reward kind people in the community.

External links[edit]

Official Website [1]


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