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David Siu
Chinese name 邵仲衡
Born Siu Chung-Hang (邵仲衡)
(1964-02-24) February 24, 1964 (age 53)
Hong Kong
Occupation Actor
Years active 1987–1997

David Siu Chung-hang (Chinese: 邵仲衡; born February 24, 1964) is a former Hong Kong TVB actor. He is best known for his role as Ting How-hai (丁孝蟹) in the 1992 TVB series The Greed of Man. He entered TVB in 1987 and starred in a number TV series including Behind Silk Curtains, A Trial of Lifetime, Bet On Fate, The Greed of Man, The Link, and Remembrance. In 1994, he turned to work for ATV and devoted himself to running a 4-wheel drive conversion shop in Hong Kong.[1]


David Siu was born in Hong Kong on 24 February 1964. He comes from a middle-class family. Before joining Hong Kong entertainment, he had graduated the architecture major at Polytechnic University in San Francisco, United States. He worked as an interior designer at a company in Hong Kong. In addition, he studied politice strategies at Berkeley University, USA.[1]


David Siu entered Hong Kong showbiz in the late 80s, as a trainee of the 17th TVB acting class in 1987, in company with the Hong Kong "Heavenly King" Aaron Kwok.[1]

The road to stardom of David Siu was quite lucky and smooth. In 1987, TVB held an talent contest to select actors. Be supported by his friends, he entered for the contest. Eventually, he won the champion in the contest. Immediately thereafter, TVB invited him sign up with them. Siu also wanted to give it a try, so he resigned the first job to become an actor.[1]

Joining the entertainment less than one year, thanks to his good-looking appearance and ideal height, he impressed film producers. TVB promoted him actively through leading roles in many TV series. For about five years he participated in 20 series including: Behind Silk Curtains, The Tribulation of Life, Mo Min Kap Sin Fung, A triad of lifetime, Three in a crowd, The Ruin Of War, Impossible dream, The Enforcer's Experience, A Time of Taste, Land of condor, The Greed of Man, The Link, and Remembrance. Among them, the role Ting How-hai (丁孝蟹) in the 1992 TVB classic series The Greed of Man is his featured role in his career.[1]

In 1993, he played the character Sung Man Jeun ( 宋文俊) - a rich and kind young man in the famous TV series in 90s – The Link. His character falls in love with a rising movie star (played by Amy Kwok). Their love in the film weathered many storms before having a happy ending. The chemistry between him and Amy Kwok is great and fantastic.[citation needed] They are a nice-couple in The Link. The success of this role helped him raise his popularity in both Hong Kong and Taiwan. Immediately, A Taiwan broadcast television invited him star in the film "Days Of Tomorrow" (天長地久).[1]

In 1995, Siu left TVB because he had not reached agreements in signing the new contract with TVB company. Later, he signed with Asia Television (ATV) a short contract. He shot some TV series’s ATV such as: Justic Bao, Concidentally, and Beggar king.[1]

Until 1997, he decided to take leave of HongKong Entertainment. He began to devote to running a 4-wheel drive conversion shop in Hong Kong.[1]

In 2012, he returned Hong Kong Entertainment to reshoot films. A Wall-Less World III – a short film ‘s RTHK television marked his return after many years. In 2014, he shot the film " Dot to Dot". After that, he participated in "The anniversary" in 2015. In the film, he reunited with the co-star Loletta Lee after 23 years from their success in The greed of man.[2]

In April 2015, the classic TV series "The greed of man" was back on the air at late night on TVB. Once again, the film created a phenomenon for the media and audience. His name became hot again.[3]

The Unforgotten role – Ting Hou Hai[edit]

David Siu is best- known for Ting How Hai ‘s The Greed of Man. It is the unforgettable role to Hong Kong and Asia audience. He featured the role successfully and impressively. The contradiction in the personality of Ting How Hai has become an obsession for many audience generations. Over the years, the role has always been voted Top 100 classic characters of Hong Kong Television.[1][3]



  • Dealy lovers(1988)
  • Fatal Love (1993) as Officer Ma
  • Fussy ghost (1993)
  • Vampire family (1993) as Johnny
  • Island Fear (1994) as Ken Mok
  • To love Ferrari (1994) as Sam
  • Girls Unbotton (1994) as Mr Pong Kwong Yim
  • City Maniac (1995) as Policeman
  • Dot 2 dot (2014)
  • Anniversary (2015)
  • Refuge II (2015) as Rob(Hollywood film)

TV series[edit]

  • The final verdict (1988)
  • Behind Silk Curtains (1988) as Ling Ka Ming
  • A friend in need (1988) as Fang Hao Ming
  • The Tribulation of Life(1988) as Cheng Yi
  • Mo Min Kap Sin Fung(1989) as Hau Man-Wan
  • A triad of lifetime(1989)
  • Three in a crowd(1989)
  • The Enforcer's Experience(1990)as Gao Man Piew
  • When things get touch(1990)
  • A Time of Taste(1990) as Yuk Hung Chim/Yuk Hung Go
  • The Ruin Of War(1991)
  • Impossible dream (1991) as Ting Tai Ti
  • Land of condors(1992)
  • Bet on fate (1992)
  • The Greed of Man(1992) as Ting How-hai
  • The Link (1993) as Sung Man Jeun
  • The kungfu kid (1994)
  • Remembrance(1994)as Long Wu
  • Coincidentally (1997)
  • SFC 3 (2015)[4]


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