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David Thiérrée[1] is a French artist born in 1970 in La Rochelle (France). Self-taught, he is contributing since 1989 - 1990 to create images and logos for several Metal bands. For his own band, then for other bands, labels and fanzines worldwide, like Behemoth,[2][3] Mutiilation, Vlad Tepes, Osculum Infame, The Ancients Rebirth, Graveland, Warloghe, Malleus Maleficarum, Anwyl, etc... His works can also be seen on several materials from the following bands : Gorgoroth, Mortiis, Gehenna,[4] etc... Or linked to the promotion of other bands, like Strid, Enslaved,[5][6] etc... Since 2000, he's more focused on classic Fantasy illustration,[7][8][9] and recently came back to artwork for Metal bands. His works have been shown in several exhibitions (France,[10] Belgium, England), and several books are available, in collaboration with Edouard Brasey,[11] Le Pré aux Clercs, Les Moutons électriques,[12] Spootnik éditions, including an artbook,[13][14][15] out in May 2011.