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TheRide light rail station
The Dayton station located in the middle of Interstate 225, taken from the pedestrian bridge that provides access to the station from the west side of the freeway.
Location 4151 S. Dallas Street
Aurora, Colorado[1]
Coordinates 39°38′34″N 104°52′41″W / 39.6428°N 104.8781°W / 39.6428; -104.8781Coordinates: 39°38′34″N 104°52′41″W / 39.6428°N 104.8781°W / 39.6428; -104.8781
Owned by Regional Transportation District
  H Line
  R Line
Platforms 1 island platform
Connections TheRide buses
Parking 250 spaces[2]
Bicycle facilities 16 racks, 8 lockers
Disabled access Yes
Other information
Fare zone C
Opened November 17, 2006
Preceding station   RTD   Following station
H Line
toward Florida
toward Peoria
R Line
toward Lincoln

Dayton station is an island platformed RTD light rail station in Aurora, Colorado, United States. Operating as part of the H and R lines, the station was opened on November 17, 2006, and is operated by the Regional Transportation District.[3][4]


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