De Broodfabriek

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Coordinates: 52°02′10″N 4°19′51″E / 52.03616°N 4.33084°E / 52.03616; 4.33084

De Broodfabriek
GFB20022011 26.JPG
Gothic & Fantasy Fair at the Beurshal Haaglanden in February 2011
Former names Darling Market, Expo Rijswijk, Beurshal Haaglanden
Location Rijswijk
Owner Henk van der Straaten ( 2012)[1]
Opened 1996[2]

De Broodfabriek (English: The Bread Factory) is an exhibition and convention center in the Dutch city of Rijswijk. It was founded in 1996 by Henk van der Straaten[3] (co-founder of the former Konmar supermarket chain) as the Darling Market,[4] a recreation of the international market in Haymarket, near Sydney's Darling Harbour which he encountered during a trip to Australia).[2]

In later years it become known as a venue for many fairs such as the Gothic & Fantasy Beurs (English: Gothic & Fantasy Fair) which is held there since 2003. The exhibition part of the venue later became known as Expo Rijswijk and after that Beurshal Haaglanden. The current name refers to the building's previous use as a bread factory of Meneba.[5]

The Darling Market was discontinued in 2010.[3][6]


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