De Club van Sinterklaas

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De Club van Sinterklaas.
DCvS Algemeen Logo.jpg
Created by Michiel Kerbosch
and others
Starring Bram van der Vlugt
Don van Dijke
Wim Schluter
Beryl van Praag
Tim de Zwart
Piet van der Pas
Harold Verwoert
Michiel Kerbosch
Peter de Gelder
and others
Country of origin Netherlands
No. of episodes +/- 236 total
Running time 10 minutes per episode
Original network Fox Kids (1999–2004)
Jetix (2005–2008)
RTL 4 (2009)
Original release November 1, 1999 – December 4, 2009

De Club van Sinterklaas (English literal title: The Club of Sinterklaas, international title: St. Nicholas & Friends) is a Dutch kids' soap opera based on the legend of Sinterklaas and Zwarte Piet. The series follows a group of Pieten on their misadventures on their yearly way to the Netherlands. The series has a different subtitle every year in relation to the plot of the year. The show is incredibly popular in the Netherlands and has been the most successful show on the Dutch Jetix channel for several years and seems to be gaining in popularity with every season that comes by. Enormous merchandising has also appeared around the show over the years, ranging from CDs and DVDs to board games and collectible figures.


  • Season 1: The Club of Sinterklaas - 1999/2000
We meet Wegwijspiet and Chefpiet who have just started their own Paella restaurant on the side of a little beach in Spain. We also meet Rosita, Wegwijs' girlfriend, who helps out from time to time at Pedro's. After experiencing the misadventures of the duo in their restaurant, Wegwijs comes to a difficult point. He has to tell Rosita he's leaving with Sinterklaas and his Pieten to the Netherlands in a week. Wegwijs is terrified and sorrows of into the pueblo. Will he be able to beat his fear in time with only a week to go...?
  • Season 2: The New Club of Sinterklaas - 2001
  • Season 3: The Club of Sinterklaas & the Disappearance of Van 27 (De Verdwijning van Wagen 27) - 2002
  • Season 4: The Club of Sinterklaas & the Barking Powder (Het Blafpoeder) - 2003
  • Season 5: The Club of Sinterklaas & the Letters of Jacob (De Brieven van Jacob) - 2004
  • Season 6: The Club of Sinterklaas & the Misschiev of Aunt Toets (De Streken van Tante Toets) - 2005
  • Season 7: The Club of Sinterklaas & the Panic in the Confetti Factory (Paniek In de Confettifabriek) - 2006
  • Season 8: The Club of Sinterklaas & the Toy Thief (De Speelgoeddief) - 2007
  • Season 9: The Club of Sinterklaas & the Unknown Stranger (De Grote Onbekende) - 2008
  • Season 10: The Club of Sinterklaas & the Hunt For the Castle (De Jacht Op het Kasteel) - 2009
  • Movie 1: The Club of Sinterklaas & the Saint Mystery (Het Geheim van de Speelgoeddokter) - 2012
An evil scoundrell abducts Saint Nicolas and the Club has no idea where he is.
  • Movie 2: The Club of Sinterklaas & the Piet School (De Pietenschool) - 2013
For the first time one child can earn a visit to the Piet School in Spain.
  • Movie 3: The Club of Sinterklaas & the Talking Horse (Het Pratende Paard) - 2014
Out of the blue Amerigo can speak the human language.
  • Movie 4: The Club of Sinterklaas & the Vanished Shoes (De Verdwenen Schoentjes) - 2015

Important characters[edit]

Pieten and Sint[edit]

Wegwijspiet (actor: Michiel Kerbosch) - The Piet responsible for making sure Sinterklaas find his way through the Netherlands. Quite the bossy type, tries to take control of any situation he's not in charge of. He's the owner of the Paella restaurant Pedro's Paella Palacio, which he runs with his best friend Chefpiet. Obvious is that he's been losing it over the years, with his most memorable quality his forgetfulness, as well as his life motto "Recht zo die gaat" (Roughly translated: Right this way it goes). Earlier mentioned went over the limit over the years which basically forced him into retirement in 2005.

Chefpiet (actor: Don van Dijke) - The chef of Pedro's Paella Palacio, owned by his best friend Wegwijspiet. He used to work for Sinterklaas as his personal cook before joining Wegwijs in his Paella venture. He's usually the correcting one of the duo, always stopping Wegwijs from doing something wrong. Returned to the kitchen of the Saint in 2005 when Wegwijspiet turned to do his own cooking at Pedro's.

Testpiet (actress: Beryl van Praag)

Hoge Hoogte Piet (actor: Tim de Zwart)

Profpiet (actor: Piet van der Pas)

Muziekpiet (actor: Wim Schluter)

Coole Piet "Diego" (actor: Harold Verwoert)

Hoofdpiet (actor: Erik van Muiswinkel)

Sinterklaas (actor: Bram van der Vlugt)


Meneer de Directeur (actor: Tim de Zwart)

Jacob (actor: Peter de Gelder)

Tante Toets (actress: Maja van den Broecke)

Side characters / allies[edit]

Rosita (actress: Trudy Kerbosch)

Tante Soesa (actress: Daphny Muriloff)

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