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Dean A. Pinkert

Dean Arthur Pinkert (born June 5, 1956, Chicago, Illinois) is an American trade lawyer.

International Trade Commissioner[edit]

Dean Arthur Pinkert was sworn in as a member of the International Trade Commission on February 26, 2007 for a term expiring in December 2015. He succeeded Jennifer Anne Hillman.

President George W. Bush nominated him on September 7, 2006[1] and again on January 9, 2007. The United States Senate confirmed him on February 1, 2007.[2] Pinkert became Vice Chairman of the Commission on June 17, 2014.[3] His service ended February 28, 2017, leaving his seat vacant starting March 1, 2017.[4]


Political affiliation[edit]

Pinkert is a Democrat appointee to the Commission. He contributed money to the presidential campaigns of Richard Gephardt and John Kerry in 2004, as well as to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (2000–2004).[6]

Education and personal[edit]

Pinkert was graduated from New Trier High School - East in 1974. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree with high honors from Oberlin College (1978), a Juris Doctor degree with honors from the University of Texas School of Law (1983), and a Master of Laws degree with merit from the London School of Economics and Political Science (1989). He did graduate work at Princeton University (1978–1979).[8]


Dean Pinkert was born to Norman and Jeanne Pinkert in Chicago and raised in the suburb of Wilmette, where his family was in the scrap business. He currently resides in Alexandria, Virginia, with his wife Susan Paley and their children, Rose and Zeke.[6][9]


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