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Dean Bertram (PhD) is a freelance writer, filmmaker, and film festival director based in Sydney, Australia. He is the co-founder of A Night of Horror International Film Festival.

Academic background[edit]

In 2006, Bertram graduated with a PhD in American cultural history from the University of Sydney.[1] His dissertation, as its title suggests - Flying Saucer Culture: An Historical Survey of American UFO Belief - traces and examines the development of UFO belief within the context of American culture and society.

Freelance writing[edit]

Bertram has written for a range of publications including The Australian, The Australian Financial Review, People Magazine, 3D World and Fortean Times. Several of his articles are archived online, including a piece on his time studying the Unarius UFO cult,[2] an overview of conspiracy orientated cinema,[3] and an expose of the fascist ideology that lurks behind The Da Vinci Code.[4]


In an interview for the horror news website HorrorScope, Bertram traces his love of the horror genre to having watched John Carpenter's seminal horror film Halloween, at the age of ten.[5] This is the time that Bertram shot his first Super 8 film.

His two most recent short films are Annie Get Your Whale Boy, (2004)[6] and Foresta Rossa(2006).[7]

In February 2008, he completed principal photography on his first feature film Sick Day.[8] Bertram who wrote the film, co-directed it with his brother Grant. As of June 2008, Sick Day is still in post-production.[9]

A Night of Horror International Film Festival[edit]

Bertram founded A Night of Horror International Film Festival, along with Lisa Mitchell and Grant Bertram in 2006.[10] Bertram and Mitchell remain the festival's directors.[11]


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