Death Ride 69

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Death Ride 69
OriginWashington, D.C., United States
GenresDeathrock, gothic rock, industrial rock
Years active1988–1996
LabelsFifth Colvmn, Little Sister Records
Past membersMark Blasquez
Buc Bono
Don Diego
Dave Haas
Ethan Port
Linda LeSabre
Wrex Mock
George Sarah

Death Ride 69 were a tribal industrial garage band that formed in Los Angeles led by Linda LeSabre (Beatmistress). The original incarnation was a duo consisting of guitarist Don Diego and vocalist Linda LeSabre. The band also featured contributions from Mark Blasquez, Ethan Port, Wrex Mock, Dave Haas and Buc Bono. They released two full-length albums, Death Ride 69 produced by Scott Arundale in 1988 and Screaming Down the Gravity Well in 1996.[1]


Death Ride 69 was founded in Washington, D.C. by Linda LeSabre and Don Diego. The later relocated to Los Angeles and were joined by Dave Haas and Wrex Mock. The band's self-titled debut album was released in 1988 by Little Sister Records and contained all the tracks from their Elvis Christ EP.[2] LeSabre reformed the band as a trio with Ethan Port, formerly of Savage Republic and Buc Bono and issued another EP titled Red Sea in 1989.[3]

The band went on hiatus in the early nineties and reformed as a duo with Mark Blasquez joining LeSabre.[4] They were signed to Fifth Colvmn Records and issued their second full-length album Screaming Down the Gravity Well in 1996.[5] Marco Gariboldi of Fabryka called the album "a crescendo of harsh guitars, distortions and hammering drums directed by the high and charismatic voice of Linda" and "a very good album by an underrated and forgotten band."[6][7]


Studio albums


  • Elvis Christ (Little Sister, 1988)
  • Red Sea (Little Sister, 1989)


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