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For places in Poland, see Dębe (disambiguation).
Nickname(s): Chhote Bhaarat (Little India)
Corporation Penal-Debe
County Victoria
Country Trinidad and Tobago
Time zone AST (UTC−4)

Debe (or Débé) is a town in south Trinidad located in the Penal-Debe Regional Corporation. Debe has grown from a small settlement into a key transit point which as has merged to some extent with Penal. Two denomination high schools were established by the Sanatan Dharma Maha Sabha (Parvati Girls and Shive Boys High Schools). Debe had initially gained importance as a train stop during sugar cane production. However with the closure of the 'sugar industry' Debe continued to be widely known for doubles and other Indian delicacies. The area has also gained prominence for its wholesale marketing of agricultural produce in government managed Namdevco, which is the largest wholesale market in the country. Sundar Popo was from Monkey Town in Barrackpore in Debe. Chutney music is believed to have originated here.

In 2013 the Sir Solomon Hochoy Highway extension to Debe was successfully opened to intersect with the SS Erin Main Road and the M2 Ring Road making the area a key transit point. In 2012 construction begun on the south campus of the University of the West Indies.

Debe is administered by the Penal-Debe Regional Corporation.


Coordinates: 10°12′N 61°27′W / 10.200°N 61.450°W / 10.200; -61.450