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FoundersLeandro Pinheiro Felippe et al.
Radical environmentalism
Green anarchism
Earth First
Climate Justice Action

Decocidio (stylized as decocidio) is an anonymous, autonomous collective of hacktivists[1] founded by lea,[a] a Belgian-Brazilian hacker. Decocidio is part of Earth First!,[2] a radical environmental protest organisation, and adheres to Climate Justice Action.[3][4] In their hacks the group shows affiliation with the autonomous Hackbloc collective.[3][4]

The logo of the collective is an upper case theta preceded by a number sign (#Θ). In many scripting languages the symbol ‘#’ introduces a comment that goes to the end of the line. The upper case theta was in 1969 made into an Ecology Symbol by cartoonist Ron Cobb, that later became associated with Earth Day. This letter of the Greek alphabet also pictured on the Ecology Flag used by American environmentalists in the 1970s.

The name decocidio is a type of wordplay which refers to the act of killing code.[5] The noun consists of the stem deco- and the suffix -cidio:


European Climate Exchange[edit]

On 23 July 2010, at 23:23 UTC, Decocidio targeted the public website of the European Climate Exchange, a leading marketplace for trading CO2 emissions in Europe. The website showed a spoof homepage for around 22 hours in an effort to promote the contention that carbon trading is a false solution to the climate crisis.[1][2][3][4][6]

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  1. ^ lea, short for Leandro, spells their mononym all in lower-case letters.


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