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This article is about the band. For elimination of solid waste from the body, see Defecation. For sugar processing, see Sugarcane.
Origin Birmingham, England
Genres Deathgrind
Years active 1987–1992, 2000–present
Labels Nuclear Blast
Associated acts Napalm Death, Righteous Pigs, Meathook Seed, Extreme Noise Terror
Website Defecation @ Nuclear Blast
Members Mitch Harris
Past members Mick Harris

Defecation is a deathgrind side project formed by Righteous Pigs guitarist Mitch Harris and ex-Napalm Death drummer Mick Harris in 1987. Mitch Harris was the guitarist, bassist and vocalist, and Mick Harris was the drummer and vocalist as well, until Mick left the group shortly after their first album Purity Dilution was released.[1]


Before Defecation started, Mick was the drummer for Napalm Death, and Mitch was the guitarist for Righteous Pigs. The two were pen pals and decided to start the project. They formed Defecation in 1987 and released Purity Dilution on Nuclear Blast Records in 1989.[2] Shortly after the release of Purity Dilution, Mick left the band, as well as Napalm Death in 1991. Mitch Harris and Jesse Pintado joined Napalm Death, and Defecation was put on hold for a while.[3] Fourteen years after the first album was recorded, Mitch made the second album completely by himself, entitled Intention Surpassed.[4]



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