Deir El Gabrawi

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Deir El Gabrawi
Deir El Gabrawi is located in Egypt
Deir El Gabrawi
Deir El Gabrawi
Location in Egypt
Coordinates: 27°20′N 31°06′E / 27.333°N 31.100°E / 27.333; 31.100
Country  Egypt
Governorate Asyut
Time zone EST (UTC+2)
 • Summer (DST) +3 (UTC)

Deir El Gabrawi is a village in Upper Egypt. It is located on the east bank of the Nile, directly east of the city of Manfalut, in the Asyut Governorate.

Ancient necropolis[edit]

A painted relief from Ibi's 6th dynasty tomb.

During the 6th dynasty, the powerful nomarchs of the 12th nome of Upper Egypt were buried in rock-cut tombs near Deir El Gabrawi. Some of these nomarchs held the title Great Overloard of the Abydene Nome, and so controlled a large area extending from the 8th nome (Abydos) to the 13th nome of Upper Egypt. It is remarkable that some scenes in the tomb of one of these nomarchs, Ibi, occur again in the Theban tomb (TT36) of a man of the same name from the reign of Psammetichus I, about 1600 years later.

Coordinates: 27°20′00″N 31°06′00″E / 27.33333°N 31.10000°E / 27.33333; 31.10000