Democratic Republic of the Congo parliamentary election, 1970

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Parliamentary elections were held in the Democratic Republic of the Congo on 15 November 1970. Voters were presented with a single list from the Popular Movement of the Revolution, the party of President Joseph Mobutu. They only had the choice of voting "yes" or "no" to the list of 420 candidates for the National Assembly, who had been chosen from 2,500 applicants at the party's congress on 19 September 1970.[1] As with the presidential election earlier in the month, the voters approved the candidates with over 99% of the votes.

Although a constitution enacted earlier that year allowed for the existence of a second party,[2] the MPR was the only party allowed to put up candidates. A month after the election, the MPR was formally declared the only party legally permitted in the country.[3][4]


Choice Votes %
For 9,691,132 99.06
Against 92,378 0.94
Invalid/blank votes 91,007
Total 9,854,517 100
Registered voters/turnout 10,101,330 97.56
Source: Inter-Parliamentary Union


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