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Dena is a mountain range within the Zagros Mountains.

Dena, DeNA, or DENA may also refer to:

  • Alta Dena, a dairy located in California, USA
  • Dena Bank, one of the earliest banks in India
  • DeNA, a mobile portal and e-commerce company in Japan
  • Dena, administrative subdivision of the area around Morella, Spain
  • dena (German Energy Agency), Deutschen Energie-Agentur GmbH, a majority state-owned company advocating energy efficiency, renewables, and intelligent systems
  • Dena (given name), a disambiguation page
  • Diethylnitrosamine (DENA), a carcinogenic chemical compound found in tobacco smoke
  • IKCO Dena, Iran Khodro automobile
  • Patrick de Napoli, a Swiss footballer nicknamed "DeNa"

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