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Dene Magna School

, ,
GL17 0DU

Coordinates51°51′33″N 2°29′03″W / 51.85915°N 2.48430°W / 51.85915; -2.48430Coordinates: 51°51′33″N 2°29′03″W / 51.85915°N 2.48430°W / 51.85915; -2.48430
Motto"That each and every learner shall achieve their maximum potential and enjoy the process."
Established1930 (re-named 1985)
Department for Education URN137387 Tables
ChairDr Paul Weiss
HeadteacherStephen Brady
Deputy HeadteacherFred Mitchell
Age11 to 16
Enrolment850 approx.
Colour(s)Blue, Yellow and White

Dene Magna School is a secondary school in Mitcheldean, Gloucestershire, England, previously known as Abenhall Comprehensive School. The school is mixed, and has 860 pupils aged between 11 and 16. In 2005, the school was awarded a place on Ofsted's "Honours List" of 234 high-achieving schools.[1] The headmaster is Mr Stephen Brady - replacing Robert Broadbridge in December 2009. In 2008, the school continued their good reputation as they had another outstanding Ofsted report. In September 2011 the school adopted academy status, which meant that governors and leaders of the school could take control of the financial gatherings of the school and the school as a whole.

Health and environmental campaigns[edit]

In 2000, the school was awarded a certificate by the United Nations for its contribution to environmental education, when a seven-month campaign to reduce the school's waste resulted in a 59% reduction in the volume of rubbish produced.[2] The staff intend to change the menus for the food offered by the school to make the students' diets healthier, responding to the area's status as being the area with the highest incidence of heart disease in the country.[3]

Student voice[edit]

The Student Council represents the student body's views. From each Tutor Group two representatives are elected annually to attend meetings of their respective Year Council, from which three are elected to attend the meetings of the School Council (Student Council). Within meetings of the Student Council, matters of student politics are discussed ranging from the interviewing of candidates applying for a post at the school, to discussing new bills and policies regarding the schools management. Year 11 students can go through interviews to become a senior student for their house. Each senior student has responsibilities within their house and can make changes with in the house at house meetings.

Training School status[edit]

The School received the National Training Gold Award in 2007 and were awarded Training School Status by the Government in 2009.[citation needed]

School events[edit]

  • A Mufti Day - Non-school uniform day, takes place around 4 or 5 times a year.
  • The Sports Day (June) is dedicated to athletics this is used to win house points.
  • A sponsored walk (June) takes place every year to raise funds for charity and school funds.

Notable staff and pupils[edit]

School Links[edit]

There are a number of links which Dene Magna have with the wider world, this includes other schools in countries including Kenya, Spain, Qatar and Japan. There are a group of students who take time of school each year to visit the link school in Kenya, and there is a student exchange.


Several sports are played at Dene Magna. The major competitive team sports are football, rugby and cricket.

The Year 10 rugby team played in the 2008 Daily Mail cup.[citation needed] The team reached the final round of the regional competition and lost to Chosen Hill School.

On 19 March 2012, Iraq War veteran Phil Packer visited the school to continue his 2012-mile trek for his BRIT 2012 Challenge along with students at the school.


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