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Sir Denis William Brogan (born 11 August 1900 in Glasgow; died 5 January 1974), Scottish author and historian. He studied in Glasgow, Oxford, and Harvard. From 1939 to 1968, he was a fellow of Peterhouse and professor of political science in Cambridge. He became known for broadcast radio talks, chiefly on historical themes, and as a panellist on BBC radio's Round Britain Quiz, when he affected a testy, hyperacademic persona. In 1963, he received a knighthood. He was the brother of journalist Colm Brogan and the father of historian Hugh Brogan.[1][2][3][4]

He is buried in the Parish of the Ascension Burial Ground in Cambridge, according to A Guide to Churchill College, Cambridge: text by Dr. Mark Goldie, pages 62 and 63 (2009). His ex-wife Olwen Phillis Francis (Lady Brogan), OBE, archaeologist and authority on Roman Libya and mother of four children, is also buried in the same cemetery; she later became Olwen Hackett on her second marriage, when she married Charles Hackett.

He appears to have had a working relationship with political scientist AFK Organski; a copy of the latter's book 'World Politics' (New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1958) in the Glasgow University Library contains the following hand written note on the first blank page:

"To D.W. Brogan, In thanks for some delightful hours of talk, Kenneth Organski, New York, Aug 11 1959". The book was presented to the GUL by Sir Denis Brogan.


  • The American Political System (1933) Excerpts
  • The Development of modern France, 1870-1939 (1940 and later editions)
  • Politics and Law in the United States (1941) Excerpts
  • The American Character (1944)
  • French Personalities and Problems (1945) Excerpts
  • The Era of Franklin D. Roosevelt (1950)
  • The Price of Revolution (1951) [1]
  • Politics in America (1954)
  • The French Nation: from Napoleon to Pétain, 1814-1940 (1957)
  • America in the Modern World (1960)
  • American Aspects (1964)
  • Worlds in Conflict (1967)
  • France under the Republic (1974)[5]


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