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Dennis E. Taylor
OccupationScience Fiction Author
GenreHard Science Fiction

Dennis E. Taylor is a Canadian novelist and former computer programmer known for his large scale hard science fiction stories exploring the interaction between artificial intelligence and the human condition.


While working at his day job as a computer programmer, Taylor self-published his first novel and began working with an agent to try to publish his second novel We Are Legion. However, Taylor still had difficulty getting any publishing house to take on his work, and eventually published it through his agent's in-house publishing arm. An audiobook rights deal with Audible was also reached. Once recorded, We Are Legion became one of the most popular audiobooks on the service and was awarded Best Science Fiction Audiobook of the year.[1]

Taylor has been noted as one of many popular authors that debut their work in audio form rather than print to take advantage of the explosive growth of the audio medium.[2]

Taylor's 2018 novel The Singularity Trap as well as his 2020 novel Heaven's River debuted on the New York Times Bestseller List for Fiction Audiobooks.[3][4][5]

In September 2020, Taylor released his sixth novel Heaven's River, a sequel in the "Bobiverse" series. The new novel follows a loose thread from the earlier novels involving the Bob clone named "Bender", who had disappeared mysteriously many years before and prompts a galaxy spanning search.[6]

Major themes[edit]

Taylor's "Bobiverse" series explore how technologies like cryonics, mind uploading and artificial intelligence might change the society and the human condition.[7][8] Another major topic is global catastrophic risk, which is also featured in Outland and The Singularity Trap.[9][10]

The Stern magazine praised Taylor's distinctive humour style, often based on nerdy inside jokes and references.[7]

Personal life[edit]

Taylor lives outside Vancouver, Canada with his wife Blaihin and daughter Tina and enjoys snowboarding and mountain biking when he isn't writing or traveling.[11]



Year Title Notes ISBN Ref.
2015 Outland Self-published and then "un-published" in early 2018 ISBN 150563119X
2016 We are Legion (We are Bob) Bobiverse Series, Book 1 ISBN 1680680587 [12][13][14]
2017 For We Are Many Bobiverse Series, Book 2 ISBN 1680680595
2017 All These Worlds Bobiverse Series, Book 3 ISBN 9781680680607 [15][16]
2018 The Singularity Trap New York Times Bestseller[3][4] ISBN 1680680889 [17][18]
2019 Outland Updated from 2015 Self Published Novel ISBN 1680681486 [19][20]
2020 Heaven's River Bobiverse Series, Book 4. New York Times Bestseller,[5] Audie Award Finalist,[21] Prometheus Award Finalist ISBN 1680682261 [22]
2022 Roadkill [23]

Short Stories[edit]

Year Title Notes ISBN Ref.
2017 A Change of Plans Part of Explorations: Colony (Explorations Volume Four) ISBN 1978138946 [24]
2020 Feedback Audible Original Production [25]


Taylor's works have been translated to several languages, including Japanese,[26] German,[27] French[28] and Polish.[29]

The We Are Legion (We Are Bob) novel was a finalist of the 2019 Seiun Awards.[26]

In October 2018, Taylor was added to the X-Prize Foundation Science Fiction Advisory Council as a "Visionary Storyteller".[30] This group of accomplished science fiction authors help advise the X-Prize team on envisioning the future.[31][32]

In May of 2019, Taylor was invited to Google to one of the "Talks at Google" where he gave some insight into what inspired his writings, and what his plans are for the next few years. [33]

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