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Hardy at the 2014 UniSey graduation ceremony

Emeritus professor Dennis Hardy (born June 1941) is former vice-chancellor of the University of Seychelles (UniSey).

Early life[edit]

Dennis Hardy was born in June 1941. He received his advanced education at the University of Exeter from where he graduated with bachelor's and master's degrees in Geography.[1]


Hardy joined the Greater London Council and qualified as an urban planner at University College London. He subsequently became a fellow of the Royal Town Planning Institute.[1] He has a PhD from the London School of Economics.[2]

Hardy was lecturer in social science and urban planning at Middlesex Polytechnic (now Middlesex University) and subsequently head of department, dean, pro vice-chancellor and deputy vice-chancellor. He then became head of the university's campus in Dubai. He was president of the International Communal Studies Association and dean of the Australian Institute of Business.[3]

In February 2014, Hardy became vice-chancellor of the University of Seychelles, a post he held until 2017.[2]

Selected publications[edit]

  • Alternative communities in nineteenth century England. Longman, London, 1979.
  • Goodnight campers! The history of the British holiday camp. Mansell, London, 1986. (With Colin Ward)
  • From garden cities to new towns: Campaigning for town and country planning 1899-1946. Routledge, 1991. ISBN 0419155708 (Series No 13: Studies in History Planning & the Environment Series)
  • Utopian England: Community experiments, 1900-1945. Spon, London, 2000.
  • Poundbury: The town that Charles built. Town & Country Planning Association, London, 2005. ISBN 978-0902797406
  • Cities that don't cost the earth, Town and Country Planning Association, London, 2008.
  • The Urban Sea: Cities of the Mediterranean. Blue Gecko Books, May 2013. ISBN 978-0957568501


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