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Mr. Desmond Tiny
Personal details
Born Unknown
Nationality Unknown
Occupation Meddler, Time Traveller, Lord of Chaos, Creator of Dragons, Creator of the Little People

Mr Desmond Tiny, sometimes called Mr. Des Tiny or Mr. Destiny or Mr. Tiny, is one of the most important characters in Saga of Darren Shan. He loves chaos and commonly plants ideas into peoples heads to make them cause worldwide chaos and war or destruction.


He has short white hair, thick glasses and pudgy face, with a warm but mocking smile. He wears a shabby yellow suit and a pair of green wellington boots. He has six toes, with webbed feet, carries a heart shaped watch, and has six cat-like claws on each foot.

Powers and Abilities[edit]

Desmond Tiny has the power to construct pathways in time, and can travel forward and backward in time as first shown on The Lake of Souls. He was the creator of the Little People and the Dragons. He is supposed to have modified the Vampires and Vampaneze to make them creatures of the night and is even said to have created them using the blood of wolves.



He is supposed to have helped Alan Morris, one of Darren's friends in school, to clone a dormant Dinosaur egg and create the dragons. The dragons are kept under control by the worlds authorities but finally they take over the earth starting the Age of Dragons, from which Mr tiny collects the souls from the Lake of Souls to make his Little People.

Vampires and Vampaneze[edit]

The vampires came into being by themselves. They were originally able to have children, were not affected by Sunlight and did not possess supernatural speed and strength. When he set about plotting the downfall of humanity, Mr Tiny travelled back into the past and gave them these features, so although they were superior to humans, their weaknesses ensured they would not challenge human dominance until the present day. He then also engineered the breakaway of the 'Vampaneze' from the Vampire clan 600 years before the start of Cirque Du Freak.

Little People[edit]

The little people are vessels for the reincarnated souls of the dead. An evil or guilt ridden soul will become trapped in the Lake of Souls after death. Mr Tiny is able to fish these souls out of the Lake, and then reshapes their bodies into squat, hairless and noseless humanoids with grey skin and green lidless eyes, with strength and reflexes superior to a human's, but not quite equal to vampires. Those who undertake this fate generally have their memories wiped and serve Mr Tiny for a certain amount of time, and are then offered a chance to search for the Lake of Souls in the future, where they can discover their previous identity, and earn a guaranteed passage to Paradise. Although a soul cannot occupy two bodies in the same time zone, and the universe will naturally destroy the artificial one, Mr Tiny has powers to protect his creations for a number of years, until they have outlived their previous identities.


Nothing Special[edit]

Mr Tiny is one of the Creatures of Chaos and has to obey the laws of the universe otherwise he will set his elder family and his brothers and sisters, the Hounds of Chaos, free on the world and they will cause misery throughout the world.

Shan and Leonard[edit]

Darren Shan and Steve 'Leopard' Leonard, friends since childhood, enemies since their teenage years, are both sons of Mr Tiny. Mr Tiny is said to have imprinted himself on their mothers, without them knowing. Darren and Steve are therefore half-brothers.


To get back at Darren, Steve pretended that he loved Darren's younger sister, Annie Shan, and impregnates her with a child which he plans to use as a weapon. Darius is told to keep away from Steve but Darius becomes in league with Steve and becomes a half-Vampaneze. Darren turns him into a half-Vampire in the end of the book.

The Vampire and the She-Wolf[edit]

When a Vampire asked Mr Tiny to let him have children, Mr Tiny accepted. He mixed the blood of the Vampire with that of a pregnant She-Wolf and used his powers to create two children, a female and a male. The female took the name Evanna and the male Hibernius Tall. Evanna became a witch and Mr Tall became the owner of the Cirque du Freak. Hibernius was killed protecting a child by Morgan James in Lord of the Shadows.

Sources of Information[edit]

the Cirque du Freak: The Saga of Darren Shan book series by Darren Shan (Darren O'Shaugnessy).