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For the album by Darren Espanto, see Darren (album).
Pronunciation /dɛərən/
Gender Male
Other names
Related names Darrell, Darragh, Dáire

Darren masculine given name of uncertain etymological origins . Some theories state that it originated from an anglicization of the Irish first name Darragh or Dáire meaning "oak tree". According to other theories, it is a variant of Darrell, which originated from the French surname D'Airelle meaning "of Airelle". The common spelling of Darren is found in the Welsh language, meaning Edge Black Darren and Red Darren which are found on the eastern side of the Hatterrall ridge, west of Long town. Darren has several spelling variations including: Daren, Darin, Daryn, Darrin, and Darryn.

In the United Kingdom, its popularity peaked during the 1970s but declined sharply afterwards.[1]

The name Darren can be found in Half Man Half Biscuit song 'Totnes Bickering Fair' in the line of lyrics; "Not long now before lollipop men are called Darren".

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Fictional characters[edit]

  • Darrin Stephens, a character on the TV series Bewitched

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