Desmodium oojeinense

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Desmodium oojeinense
Ougeinia dalbergioides Bra23.png
Scientific classification
D. oojeinense
Binomial name
Desmodium oojeinense
  • Dalbergia oojeinensis Roxb.
  • Ougeinia dalbergioides Benth.
  • Ougeinia oojeinensis (Roxb.) Hochr.

Desmodium oojeinense or Sandan (known as Ougeinia oojeinensis) is a plant, found in Visakhapatnam District of India and more or less scarce in other forests usually grows 6–12 meters tall.[4] Its leaves are quite large and trifoliate, with rigidly leathery leaflets. It can be identified by the dark brown, deeply cracked bark and the crooked trunk. Flowers of this plant are in the colours of pink during the months of February to May.[5] The fruit is a linear, flat pod, light brown in colour.[4]


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