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The Destruction in Art Symposium (DIAS) was a gathering of a diverse group of international artists, poets, and scientists to London, from 9–11 September 1966. Included in this number were representatives of the counter-cultural underground who were there to speak on the theme of destruction in art.

The Honorary Committee, led by Gustav Metzger, attracted the attention of both the international media and international art community to the symposium.[1]


The symposium was held at the Africa Centre in Covent Garden, London.


A DIAS press release claimed:


Throughout September, Happenings took place in venues all over London, including Conway Hall.[2][1]

The laws of England[edit]

John Latham constructed three large "Skoob Towers" out of books, which they called "The laws of England", and set fire to them outside of the British Museum.

Honorary Committee[edit]


The following artists were involved in DIAS:

The following artists are said to have participated in DIAS in absentia:[3]


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