Detective Training School

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Detective Training School (DTS)
Rajarbag, Dhaka

TypePolice Training
EstablishedJuly 25, 1962

Detective Training School (DTS) is maintained by Criminal Investigation Department (CID) of Bangladesh Police. It is situated on 0.727 acres (2,940 m2) of land at Rajarbag in Dhaka. It arranges various courses in the area of investigation and supervision. Since the inception this institute has produced a good number of highly professional investigating and detective officers. It is headed by a senior police officer in the rank of Additional DIG designated as the Commandant of this school. It was established on 25 July 1962.[1]


This school mainly provides training to –

Sl. No Name of the Courses Duration Rank of the Trainees
1 Aid to Good Investigation 04 weeks ASP/Major/Captain of Military
2 Supervision of Investigation into Cases 03 weeks Inspector
3 Prevention of Repression on Woman & Civil Behaviors 02 weeks Inspector/Sub-Inspector
4 Special Training Program on Human Rights 06 days Inspector/ Sergeant/Sub-Inspector
5 Higher Training on Investigation 05 weeks SI equivalent of Armed Forces/ Drugs & Narcotics
6 Prosecution Course 02 weeks Sub-Inspector
7 Junior Investigation Course 04 weeks ASI/ SI of Drugs & Narcotics
8 PR System 03 weeks Inspector/SI/ASI


Coordinates: 23°44′17″N 90°25′01″E / 23.7381°N 90.4169°E / 23.7381; 90.4169