Deutsche Jungenschaft vom 1.11.1929

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Deutsche Jungenschaft vom 1.11.1929
The Kohte, the typical black tent of German Scouting
Country Germany
Founded 1 November 1929
Founder Eberhard Köbel
Affiliation German Youth Movement
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The Deutsche Jungenschaft vom 1.11.1929, abbreviated dj.1.11, was a youth group within the German Youth Movement.


The group was founded within the Scouting movement by Eberhard Köbel on 1 November 1929. It demerged from the Deutsche Freischar after disagreements of the organisation's course.


The dj.1.11 group had significant impact on the German youth movement and on German Scouting.

Deutsche Jungenschaft influenced members of the resistance group, The White Rose in Nazi Germany, which called for active opposition to German dictator Adolf Hitler's regime.[1]

The archetypical tent of German Scouting, the Kohte, was developed within the dj.1.11.[citation needed]