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Dev Raja Singh Thakur (died May 1987), was a sergeant working in Indian Air Force. He received national prominence for chasing and apprehending Nathuram Godse.

He was awarded the Ashok Chakra Award, a gallantry award, in 1952 for arresting Godse. He is in news posthumously, for his family demanding a government job for a kin of gallantry award winner as there is no breadwinner in the family.[1]

Personal details[edit]

He had three sons. While in service in the Indian Air Force, he lost his mental balance and was subsequently sent on retirement. He remained in a mental health facility for 14 years in Amritsar. The causes of his loss of mental balance are not known, but it is possibly due to his act of apprehending Nathuram Godse. Godse was the person who killed Mohandas Gandhi. The next person on Godse's list of people to be eliminated was possibly Jinnah (another person supporting the creation of Pakistan), He received a monthly pension from the Indian government until he died in May 1987.[2]



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