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Deviant Records was a London-based record label founded by publisher and music producer Rob Deacon in the mid 90s, releasing electronic works that were at the cutting edge in their field - Pentatonik, Node (Flood, Ed Buller, Mel Wesson & Dave Bessell), Schematix, The Orb, Humate, Phat Gecko (Luke Corradine), Spooky and Witchman. It evolved into a bestselling dance label after it championed the little-known Paul Van Dyk, now one of the world's most successful DJs, and DJ Sammy, who went on to reach number one.

With the increase in downloads and yet more corporate consolidation in the music industry, Rob decided it was the end of an era, and chose to dissolve Deviant in 2006 which he sold to Phoenix Music International Ltd. Deacon died in September 2007 in a canoeing accident.

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