Dheeraj Sharma (filmmaker)

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Dheeraj Sharma
Native name
Hindi -धीरज शर्मा
Born20 Feb 1982

Dheeraj Sharma (born Feb, 20, 1982) is a social worker and a documentary film maker based in Delhi, India. He is best known for directing the documentary film Nashebaaz- The Dying People of Delhi that is based on the topic of homeless drug addiction in Delhi. [1] [1] His works are mostly based on exploring the dark subjects of society. He is also the director of the NGO - Team Pages. In 2017, a clip from his film became viral that showed the harsh reality of solvent abuse in homeless children in Delhi that later became an Internet Meme.[2][3][4]


Sharma was born on Feb 20, 1982 in Delhi, he attended The Delhi United Christian school, Delhi. He currently also works as a paramedic expert at Kasturba Gandhi Hospital, Delhi.


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