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Dhiki by krish.JPG
Traditional Dhiki in Nepal
ClassificationSimple Machine
WeightApprox. 6.8 Kg
ComponentsWood, Stone, Metal
Inventorold nepalese people
InventedAbout 1 century ago

Dhiki (Nepali : ढिकी) is a traditional Nepalese rice (millet etc.) beater used in villages. The manual wooden thresher 'Dhiki' is made of wood and works like a lever, but is instead used for grinding. The framework consists of a fulcrum having two pillars on each side, an effort area (where one person stands on the long thick plank of wood making effort at every interval), a long and thick plank of horizontal wood which has a small vertical extension that goes into a hole made in the ground. It is in this hole that the grains or dry chillies are kept to transform them into powder. the person using this usually places his/her leg on one side and press it hard and then leave it so that the other part hits the rice, millet, etc. and grinds it. It works like the see-saw i.e. when one part's up the other one's down and vice versa. It is a local technology used in nepali villages.