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For the film, see Dhobi Ghat (film).

Coordinates: 18°58′58.52″N 72°49′31.47″E / 18.9829222°N 72.8254083°E / 18.9829222; 72.8254083

Mumbai Dhobi Ghat Laundry District
Individual wash pens at Dhobi Ghat
Mumbaikar dhobis at work in the Mahalaxmi area

Dhobi Ghat (Mahalaxmi Dhobi Ghat) is a well known open air laundromat in Mumbai, India.[1] The washers, locally known as Dhobis, work in the open to wash the clothes from Mumbai's hotels and hospitals.


There are rows of open-air concrete wash pens, each fitted with its own flogging stone. Called the world's largest outdoor laundry, Dhobi Ghat is a very popular attraction among foreign tourists.

The word Dhobi Ghat is used all over India to refer to any place where many washers are present.

It is located next to Mahalaxmi railway station on the Western Railway's Saat Rasta roundabout. It can be easily seen from flyover bridge of Mahalaxmi station.[2]

In 2013, World Records India and World Amazing Records honoured World Record Certificate to Dhobi Kalyan & Audhyogik Vikas Co – op. Society Ltd[3]

The Saat Rasta Project is a proposed Public Space Project along the Bapurao Jagtap Road, connecting Jacob Circle to the Mahalaxmi Railway Station. This public space will connect to Dhobi Ghat, which is also a major tourist attraction.

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