Dichapetalum madagascariense

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Dichapetalum madagascariense
Scientific classification edit
Kingdom: Plantae
Clade: Tracheophytes
Clade: Angiosperms
Clade: Eudicots
Clade: Rosids
Order: Malpighiales
Family: Dichapetalaceae
Genus: Dichapetalum
D. madagascariense
Binomial name
Dichapetalum madagascariense
  • Ceanothus guineensis DC.
  • Chailletia dichapetalum DC.
  • Chailletia dichapetalum f. macrophylla Tul.
  • Chailletia dichapetalum f. multiflora Tul.
  • Chailletia floribunda Planch.
  • Chailletia sarmentosa B. Boivin
  • Chailletia subcordata Hook.f. ex Benth.
  • Chailletia thomsonii Oliv.
  • Dichapetalum aruwimense Engl.
  • Dichapetalum bakerianum Exell
  • Dichapetalum beniense Engl.
  • Dichapetalum dundusanense De Wild.
  • Dichapetalum flabellatiflorum Hauman
  • Dichapetalum flaviflorum Engl.
  • Dichapetalum floribundum (Planch.) Engl.
  • Dichapetalum floribundum var. preussii Engl.
  • Dichapetalum glandulosum De Wild.
  • Dichapetalum gossweileri Engl.
  • Dichapetalum guineense (DC.) Keay
  • Dichapetalum madagascariense var. beniense (Engl.) Breteler
  • Dichapetalum multiflorum (Tul.) Desc.
  • Dichapetalum pynaertii De Wild.
  • Dichapetalum rowlandii Hutch. & Dalziel
  • Dichapetalum subcordatum (Hook.f. ex Benth.) Engl.
  • Dichapetalum subcoriaceum Engl.
  • Dichapetalum thomsonii (Oliv.) Engl.
  • Dichapetalum thouarsianum var. macrophyllum (Tul.) Desc.
  • Dichapetalum thouarsianum var. pubescens Desc.
  • Dichapetalum ubangiense De Wild.
  • Rhamnus paniculatus Thonn.

Dichapetalum madagascariense is a plant species originally described from Madagascar[2] but now reported from many parts of mainland tropical Africa as well. It is reported from a wide region from Mozambique north to Tanzania and west to Liberia.[3]

Dichapetalum madagascariense is a liana climbing over other vegetation.