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A dicing saw is a kind of saw which employs a high-speed spindle fitted with an extremely thin diamond blade or diamond wire to dice, cut, or groove semiconductor wafers, silicon, glass, ceramic, crystal, and many other types of material.

Dicing saw is a kind of cutting machines. A cutter for use in dicing, and performs the cutting of the silicon wafer. At present, the mainstream cutting of silicon wafers with a diameter of 200mm or 300mm, 0.05mm square cut is also possible. Diamond blade to obscure the industrial diamond in the resin is the mainstream. Also, the thickness of the blades varies by the subject material is of about 20μm ~ 35μm is used when cutting the silicon wafer. Share accounted for 90% in only Japanese companies, such as DISCO Corporation and Accretech (Tokyo Seimitsu). In the past, half-cut to cut 2/3 degree of wafer thickness it was the mainstream, with the large diameter of the wafer size, on top of the tape mount, full cut cutting all the wafer is becoming mainstream. Along with it, before and after the process, from the dicing saw (split the rest of the wafer by pasting roller half pre-cut wafer tape to split chip) (half-cut) ⇒ expanded, the mounter (frame tape (mainly UV curable tape) and paste the wafer at the same time) ⇒ has been changed to a dicing saw (full cut) ⇒UV irradiation.

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