Die Schlinge

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"Die Schlinge"
Die Schlinge.jpg
Single by Oomph! featuring Apocalyptica
from the album GlaubeLiebeTod
Released 4 August 2006
Format CD
Recorded 2005
Genre Industrial
Length 14:43
Label Gun
Writer(s) Rene Backmann, Thomas Doeppner, Stephan Musiol, Ennio Morricone
Oomph! singles chronology
"Das letzte Streichholz"
"Die Schlinge"
"Gekreuzigt 2006 + The Power of Love"

"Die Schlinge" (German for The Noose) is the third single from German industrial metal group Oomph! from the album GlaubeLiebeTod. The single version of the track itself features the Finnish cello metal group Apocalyptica. Along with the single version of the song, the single also includes an English version of the song "Gott ist ein Popstar!", as well two unreleased tracks and the music video for the single.

Music video[edit]

The music video itself is set in the American Wild West. The premise of the video is that during a prison break, Dero is shot by a deputy and is wounded. Crap and Flux take Dero to a Native American medicineman who attempts to heal the injured vocalist, while the other two members await in angst. The forwarding of the plot leads the viewer to believe that Dero is upon his deathbed, and the lyric "Spiel mir das Lied vom Tod" (in English: "Play me the song of death") near the end seems to allude to Dero dying of his wounds. In Dero's state of mortality, he hallucinates seeing the sheriff and his bandmates Crap and Flux with bullet holes in their foreheads. Crap and Flux are shown digging a grave outside in belief that Dero has died, but in an ironic turn of events, Dero walks out of the shack as if he had just awoken from sleep. The video cuts away after showing the perplexed expressions of Crap and Flux at Dero's apparent resurrection.

This song is an allusion to Sergio Leone's Once Upon a Time in the West. The opening theme is identical to the tune played by Harmonica. Furthermore, the German release of the film is titled Spiel mir das Lied vom Tod. The video also features the members of Apocalyptica throughout the video playing their cellos. Meanwhile, the band then plays on gallows, complete with nooses, a tie-in with the title. Later in the video, at about 2:55, for a split second, you can see Dero, Flux, and Crap, hanging from the three noose on the gallows, feet off the ground.

Track listing[edit]

  1. Die Schlinge (featuring Apocalyptica) – 3:56
  2. God is a Popstar – 3:53
  3. Polizisten (Extrabreit cover) – 3:09
  4. Zauberstab (ZaZa cover) – 3:45
  5. Die Schlinge (video)

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