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Diego and Glot
Diego and Glot promotional image (up, Diego, down, Glot)
Genre Animation
Created by Claudio Kreutzberger, Sebastián Correa, and José Tomás "Cote" Correa
Voices of Rodolfo Vásquez, Dan Rodriguez, Marcela Arroyave, Cristían Carvajal, Eduardo Valenzuela, Soledad Guerrero, Vanesa Silva, René Pinochet, Viviana Navarro, Sandro Larenas, Juan Quezada, Sebastián Correa, Jaime Alfredo Nuñez.
Country of origin Chile
Original language(s) Spanish
No. of seasons 2 (third season in development)
No. of episodes 20 (15 emitted)
Running time 22–24 minutes
Original network Canal 13
Disney XD (Latin America)
Picture format NTSC
Original release September 3, 2005
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Diego and Glot (Spanish: Diego y Glot), sometimes stylized as Diego & Glot, is a Chilean animated series created by Claudio Kreutzberger in 2005, with the collaboration of Sebastián Correa and José Tomás Correa of CuboNegro studios, for Canal 13. Diego and Glot is the first hand-draw animation TV series made in Chile since the Condorito shorts in the 1980s (excluding Villa Dulce, which was released before Diego and Glot, but it was made with CGI). Satirical humor, cultural references and real famous public people of the country is recurrently featured in the show.[1]

Since its debut on September 3, 2005 the show has broadcast two seasons and 15 episodes. CuboNegro is now working on a third season and a feature-length movie, still without release date.[2]

Settings and Production[edit]

Diego y Glot takes place in Santiago, Chile and shows the Plá Perez, a dysfunctional family center on the youngest child, Diego Plá, and his pet, a green quiltro dog named Glot. Original creator Claudio Kreutzberger designed Diego and Glot as a "reflection of the modern Chilean youth".

Diego y Glot uses a sitcom style of storyboards and was heavily inspired by other animated series that lampoon aspects of the human condition, specially The Simpsons and Hey Arnold!. Diego and Glot also uses "guest stars" or cameo appearances of famous people or groups in Chile, like the music band Los Prisioneros, ex-Chilean president Ricardo Lagos or TV animator Don Francisco.[3]

The first season consist of 10 chapters transmitted between September 3 and October 1, 2005 on the Chilean TV station Canal 13. The second season started on July 13, 2009 and is still on-going.


Plá Perez Family[edit]

  • Diego Plá: a 10-year-old kid. He owns a great imagination and is very anxious. He does everything for fulfill his dreams and wishes, even if that attracts problems to his family.
  • Glot: a 2 years old green quiltro dog. He is Diego's best friend.
  • Armando: the father of Diego and Lalo. He calls himself a "frustrated painter" and, for that reason, he became a cartoonist. He works for the "La Ración" newspaper (a parody of La Nación).
  • Esmirna Perez: the mother of Diego and Lalo. She is very hyperactive and extraspilled.
  • Lalo: Diego's older brother. He is popular with the girls and somewhat lazy. His dream is to become a rockstar.
  • Abuela Margarita: Diego's paternal grandmother. She is considered "crazy" by his family. She suffers from Alzheimer's Disease.

Diego's Friends[edit]

  • Ismael Droguett: He is very intelligent and helps Diego to find ingenious solutions to his problems.
  • Danilo Paniagua: A fat friend of Diego. He is very disorderly and find a lot of problems easily.
  • Violeta Ochoa: A girl and Diego's friend from school. She is very cute and is mostly the center of attention of Diego's friends because of her beauty. She loves soccer and lives on the same street of Diego.

Guest Stars[edit]



First season[edit]

# Originally aired Episode name
1 - 1.01 September 3, 2005 Kiltro
2 - 1.02 September 3, 2005 Super Familia
3 - 1.03 September 10, 2005 Mala Pata
4 - 1.04 September 10, 2005 Vacaciones
5 - 1.05 September 17, 2005 Doble Cuerpo
6 - 1.06 September 17, 2005 Circo
7 - 1.07 September 24, 2005 Vigilante
8 - 1.08 September 24, 2005 Astronauta
9 - 1.09 October 1, 2005 Tolerancia
10 - 1.10 October 1, 2005 Mi Comunidad

Second Season[edit]

# Originally aired Episode name
11 - 2.01 July 13, 2009 El reencuentro
12 - 2.02 July 14, 2009 Una historia de piratas
13 - 2.03 July 15, 2009 Ser o no ser
14 - 2.04 July 16, 2009 Esmirna taxista
15 - 2.05 July 17, 2009 Abuela al asilo
16 - 2.06 July 27, 2009 Diego presidente
17 - 2.07 August 2, 2009 Diario de Violeta
18 - 2.08 August 9, 2009 La banda de Diego
19 - 2.09 August 16, 2009 Donde las papas queman
20 - 2.10 August 23, 2009 Mi hermano Lalo
21 - 2.11 August 24, 2009 Game Over


On September 13, 2005, Canal 13 confirmed the production of a feature-length movie based on Diego and Glot with the help of Canal 13 Films, who also worked with Cine Animadores on Papelucho and the Martian and Pulentos: The Movie. The film was originally produced for release in 2007, nevertheless the opening was delayed indefinitely. As of 2009, the release date hasn't been confirmed.

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