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Diego de Brea (born 1969), is a Slovenian theatre director.

Life and work[edit]

Diego de Brea studied comparative literature and art history at the Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana. In 1995, he started studying theatre direction the Academy for Theatre, Radio, Film and Television in Ljubljana.

In 1999, his graduation piece, The Birth of Light, won an award at the International Student Production Theatre Festival in Brno. He has authored a number of well-known performances in Slovenian repertory and non-institutional theatres. He tackles many genres ranging from youth pieces and puppet shows (even a puppet opera), to self-authored projects, classical and contemporary texts as well as musical vaudeville. In Italy, he directed a self-authored project Leonora, starring the opera singer Eleonora Jankovich and based on Wagner’s motifs.

His performances toured both in Slovenia and abroad - in Belgrade, at the Varna Festival in Bulgaria, at the Mladi levi and Exodos Festivals, in London, Paris, Antwerp, Mons, Dortmund and at the Iberoamericano Festival in Bogotá, Colombia.

Honours, awards and recognitions[edit]

His self-authored project Duel (Glej Theatre, Ljubljana), received a special award at the Borštnik Drama Meeting. In 2005, de Brea received the aesthetic breakthrough award at the same festival for his performances Queen Margot and Edward II. He also received the Golden Bird Award for theatre in 2002.

Major works[edit]

Pilot – hommage to Srečko Kosovel, AGRFT, 1996/7

Federico – poetry by Federico García Lorca, MGL, 1999

Oton Župančič: Veronika of Desenice, Šentjakobsko Theatre, 2000

Eugène Ionesco: Exit the King, PDG Drama Theatre Nova Gorica, 2000

Bob Fosse: Chicago, SGL Celje, 2002

Duel, GLEJ Theatre, 2002

Roland Schimmelpfenning: Arabian Night, SNG Nova Gorica, 2005

Alfred de Vigny: Chatterton, Slovene National Theatre (SNG) Drama Ljubljana, 2004

Ivan Cankar: A Scandal in Saint Florian's Valley, SNG Nova Gorica, 2005

Alexandre Dumas: Queen Margot, Mladinsko theatre, Ljubljana, 2005

Christopher Marlowe: Edward II, SNG Drama Ljubljana, 2005

Christopher Marlowe: Doctor Faustus, SNG Nova Gorica, 2006

Luchino Visconti: The Damned, Mladinsko Theatre, Ljubljana, 2006

Jean Genet: The Maids, SNG Drama Ljubljana, 2007

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