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Ding may refer to:


  • Ding (surname) (丁), a Chinese surname and list of people with the name
  • Duke Ding of Jin (died 475 BC), ruler of Jin
  • Duke Ding of Qi, tenth century ruler of Qi
  • Empress Dowager Ding (died 402), empress dowager of the state of Later Yan
  • Geng Ding, a king of the Shang Dynasty of China from c. 1170 to c. 1147 BC
  • Helian Ding (died 432?), ruler of the Mongolian Xiongnu state of Xia
  • Huang Ding (c. 1650–1730), Chinese landscape painter and poet
  • King Ding of Zhou, king of the Zhou Dynasty in ancient China from 606 to 586 BC
  • Wen Ding, a king of the Shang Dynasty from 1112 to 1102 BC
  • Zhong Ding, 9th or 10th king of the Shang Dynasty
  • Zu Ding, an early king of the Shang Dynasty
  • Qu Ding, Chinese painter of the Song Dynasty
  • Chen Ding (born 1992), Chinese racewalker and 2012 Olympic champion
  • Jay Norwood Ding Darling (1876–1962), American cartoonist who signed his work "Ding"

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