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The Sculpture Hall of the Augustiner Museum, Freiburg.

A diocesan museum is a museum for an ecclesiastical diocese, a geographically-based division of the Christian Church.


  • Evangelical Diocesan Museum, Burgenland in the Evangelical Prayer House in the Mönchhof Village Museum
  • Diocesan Museum, Graz, Styria
  • Gurk Treasury, Carinthia[1]
  • Evangelical Diocesan Museum, Fresach in Fresach, Carinthia
  • Diocesan Museum, Linz, Upper Austria[2]
  • Evangelical Diocesan Museum, Styria in Murau
  • Cathedral Museum Salzburg, Salzburg state (Diocesan and Cathedral Chapter collections)
  • Diocesan Museum, St. Pölten, Lower Austria[3]
  • Cathedral and Diocesan Museum, Vienna




  • Diocesan Museum, Jaca
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3D Virtual Tour of Diocesan Museum Tiepolo Fresco Galleries. Frescoes by painter Giambattista Tiepolo.

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