Direct Democracy Now!

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Άμεση Δημοκρατία Τώρα!
Direct Democracy Now!
MottoEveryone out at the squares! (Greek: Όλοι έξω στις πλατείες!)
FormationMay 2011
TypeGrassroots organization
Legal statusActive
WebsiteOfficial website

Direct Democracy Now! (Greek: Άμεση Δημοκρατία Τώρα! Amesi Dimokratia Tora!), also known as True Democracy Now! (Greek: Πραγματική Δημοκρατία Τώρα! and in Spanish as Democracia Real Ya Grecia)[1] is a Greek citizen grassroot organization made up of ordinary citizens[2] actively involved in the 2011 Greek protests. Inspired by the Spanish Democracia Real Ya movement, True Democracy Now co-ordinates demonstrations throughout Greece and publishes the proceedings of the people's assemblies at the central demonstration at Syntagma Square.

The movement is the first major Greek political entity to be formed by citizens that showed support for none of the traditional political parties of Greece. Although the movement is not a political party in itself, it functions as a platform for the exchange of ideas as well as a way in which its members, known as the "indignants", show their disapproval and rejection of the current political status quo of two major parties exchanging power between themselves.[3]

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